A brilliant way to use your website with social media

Did you know there is a highly productive way to use your website in conjunction with an e-newsletter and social media?

It’s true, you can significantly cut down your workload by using certain content management type websites in combination with built in emailing functionality and social media plugins.

Easy promotion of your company
Here’s how it goes, in terms of your much reduced workflow:

  1. Create a piece of content for your website that’s driven by a content management system.  You need to generate a title, a bit of text and a nice image.  That’s it.
  2. Reutilise this content within your e-newsletter with virtually no extra effort.
  3. Push this content out to social media automatically with no extra effort whatsoever.

This is all very slick, easy and time saving.  Actually it’s something that Advertising Inspector can help you with.  This website’s been totally designed and created by us and uses the exact system as mentioned above.  When we’re commissioned to create websites for clients, the plan is that there is always a handover date when the client will be in total control of their own website – and we drop out of the loop.

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