What are the benefits of print based marketing?

Prints still rules – the benefits are many, read on!

Magazine advertising can be switched on immediately, unlike social media (see here), print marketing can enable your business to reach a large audience in a very short space of time, (providing you don’t go down the paid-for magazine route, see here).  You are able to accurately target areas within a region and strategically time the exposure to suit your business’s seasonality.  You’re also able to gain exposure for your business within a contextual placement to optimise the effect of your advert.  Best of all, the whole process is totally transparent and does not require oodles of your valuable time.

What’s key is that you choose high quality publications with excellent, interesting content.  If you can find a publication that’s also free-to-the-public, then better still as you know there is absolutely no barrier to getting in front of potential customers. If you advertise in high quality magazines, there’s every chance of them being around for months, gaining exposure for your business over and over again.

Advertising Inspector says that paper based marketing still rules!

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