Are you a ‘Comfort Blanket’ type advertiser?


In our travels, advising businesses on their marketing,  it’s often the case that many businesses we meet have their own ‘comfort blanket’.  By this we mean they’re very much closed in their outlook, unwilling to investigate the other options available, particularly when it comes to paper based publications.

They’ll usually have one favoured magazine or newspaper and are pretty much closed to investigating other products.   It may be that the business is particularly short on time, and consequently don’t have the time to do the job properly.  Or, they may have tried other marketing products and been burnt by false claims of coverage and suffered a poor result, leading them to have a poor view of marketing in general (see more here). If this is you, then you could be doing your business a great misservice because the front line of attack for any business is effective marketing.  For a business to thrive, the marketing aspect has to be refined to the point where it’s performing successfully.

What’s the best way to move forwards?
Firstly, be prepared to allocate enough time to carry out your research more extensively (our comparison tables should save you hours of time), if you can’t manage this, then take on a professional person or company to help you.  The pitfall of course is that you engage someone who is not up to the task, and it’s the case that there are many so called professional marketeers out there having absolutely no idea what they’re doing – we come across their ex-clients regularly.  Actually, it’s one of the reasons why we’ve setup this website, because very few marketing companies that we’d spoken to, seemed to have sufficient research data in place to enable them to advise you on the current paper based advertising market place. Look for true professionals, ideally with a Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and also having lots of practical experience gained over a number of years of dealing with many clients.

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