Are you a Social Media abuser?


It’s unfortunate that what started out as an interesting, witty, entertaining way to keep in touch with friends has now been seriously devalued by the constant and gratuitous plugging of company services or products.

We all know what happens when you get bombarded with too much rubbish, you switch off, in fact you can become totally alienated.  Unlike television, where you’re prepared to suffer the adverts, whilst waiting for your favourite telly programme to appear, social media can just be totally and permanently ignored.

Stuff like ‘I’ve just had a great ice cream’ or ‘I’ve just had my hair done’ – once you’ve been exposed to this stuff, you very quickly vote with your mouse.  Equally annoying are the endless plugs from businesses – yes, you know instantly that they are just really advertising their business products or services to you – this significantly devalues social media which is supposed to be fun, engaging and sociable. If you think about it in a paper-marketing based way, it’s a bit like picking up a magazine containing page upon page of adverts and promotions – it’s hits the bin very quickly.  (see social media haters here)

Yes, Advertising Inspector and our team can fully appreciate what it can do, and understand the nuances of these systems, but we’re unanimous amongst our team that when the twitter and facebook message come in, we hit the JUNK icon in our email. You probably never hear this version from your current marketing / PR agency (if you’ve engaged have one), but it’s worth being truthful. It’s important if you’re using social media, that you understand if it’s compatible with your business (here) and you also understand the time cost of using it (here).

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