Are you a vanity advertiser?


Many magazine publishing houses have recognised there’s money to be made pandering to business owners’ vanity – it’s a money-maker

The national publishing groups are the most seasoned at this clever ploy, they know that many businesses like nothing better than to see themselves in print, perhaps it’s a photo of your business’s celebration party over a glass of champagne, but you have to ask yourself, does this serve your best interests?

Firstly, exposure for your business, where it’s of the champagne drinking, slapping on the back type, can actually be damaging. It can be seen as facile, indulgent and can alienate your potential customers (particularly the more sophisticated ones). Many glossy magazines contain much of this type of coverage which is considered passé these days. If you work hard to portray your business as both professional and dedicated, then photos of yourself leering off the page with a large glass of champagne, perhaps the worse for ware after several glasses, can work contra to what you’re hoping to achieve. If you do participate in this type of exposure, don’t miss our Photo tips for ‘Social Pages’ here.

Another of the vanity scams is the awards type one. Your business enters an awards scheme (you usually have to be a paid member to be eligible to enter – no surprise there!). The team at Advertising Inspector know of one particular tourism type scheme in the West Country where no entrant leaves without a medal of some sort – I suppose you could say it’s total inclusion – at a price, but with little merit!

Be smart, just make sure you’re not being manipulated – the ultimate marketing goal should be to gain high quality exposure for your business – don’t be one of the herd, be careful not to be draw into a publisher’s vanity scam. If your business is participating in a photo appearance, at the least make sure it’s for a donation to charity through fundraising of some kind, or something else equally worthwhile.

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