Giving your marketing agency a hard time?


It’s worth considering, perhaps you’re not being entirely fair to your marketing agency

OK, so you’ve agreed a retainer across a time period to get certain specified marketing tasks done, perhaps with extra payments scheduled for a new website, or new corporate brochure. In any business, it can feel uncomfortable, knowing that £X amount of your hard earned cash goes out every month and if you’re not perceiving value from your marketing agency, then perhaps this comes over in your dealings with them. One thing’s certain, getting important tasks done generally takes twice as long as you think, and it’s also easy to underestimate the time cost of dealing with technicalities, particularly in relation to websites and creative visual work. It can pay to give your agency the benefit of the doubt, but if there’s anything niggling you, just pick up the phone – honesty’s always the best policy for good working relationships.

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