Banner advertising – where’s the value?

Banner advertising can achieve two aims for your company.

In simple terms, you can either use it to gain awareness for your company and its branding, or it can be used to directly achieve sales, or a combination of both.  If you’re using banner advertising to achieve direct sales, it’s necessary that your company’s product is of a type that would facilitate this.  The product would have to be self-contained and one that could be mailed/shipped out to customers.  If your product is one that requires consultation and planning, then it’s more likely you’d use banner advertising to gain name awareness for your product and service.

There are 2 general ways to go here, you can either subscribe to a banner advert placement service which can be highly targeted, but has serious downsides (see the creepy stalker).  Another way to go if your company operates within a set locality, is to pick local websites that are likely to be popular and have repeat traffic – generally speaking, many magazine publishers have websites that support client advertising, although be wary of websites that offer absolutely nothing to the public viewing them.  Some are festooned with flashing, animated adverts, which if you come across, should be rejected because it’s known that these annoy most people to distraction.

Whichever type of banner advertising you opt for, this will always be linked up to your company website to increase traffic and hopefully business.  Equally, it may be worthwhile pushing offers on your banners and directing to your company website.

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