Have you been ‘sold’ into social media or pr?

As a progressive business person, it’s worth exploring avenues that you feel could benefit your business

And yes, pr and social media are channels that should be investigated, to see if your company can exploit opportunities to move forwards. But, beware companies aggressively pushing social media and pr services – thousands of these type of companies have started up over the past few years and it’s very much in their interest to persuade you that you’ll benefit significantly over traditional advertising media. Many of these companies and individuals have little sympathy with what works for your business, so long as you engage them to do their thing.

In business, it’s very difficult to get an unbiased view of how potentially beneficial pr and social media channels can be, but you can be sure that every publisher in the land is inundated with constant press releases (see here) which means your press release may not actually gain enough coverage to offset the cost of the pr agent. It’s true also that many companies are finding the cost of using ‘free’ social media is actually quite high. (see real cost of social media)

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