Can you trust Facebook Likes?

Like all digital customer feedback schemes, it’s prone to manipulation

You have to ask what it means to the public when they see a Like against a social media post.  With online fraud rife, there are many cases where social media commendations are used to dupe the public.  For instance, there have been a spate of bogus holiday accommodation frauds.  For instance, where a holiday rental property is advertised online, the website to which would have a link to a Facebook page with numerous bogus Facebook Likes. The result is that the consumer gets defrauded without any means to recover their money. It’s probably time we thought again about what’s trustworthy and what isn’t in terms of social media commendations.  £12 million was lost to this type of fraud in 2015.

It’s the case that anyone can go online and buy Facebook Likes in quantities of thousands at really low prices, so are Likes a trustworthy measure of commendation you have to ask yourself?

There are many digital platforms open to easy manipulation, which is worrying, particularly when the likes of the BBC dish out Facebook and Twitter handles on their programmes.  You have to ask yourself why the BBC would appear to be accepting, condoning and promoting the use of these digital social media channels – Facebook and Twitter are companies after all.  You certainly don’t see the BBC promoting any other businesses – this would appear to be a serious oversight on behalf of the BBC that should be rectified.

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