Why do marketeers say that content is king?


The golden egg that allows your advert to gain vastly increased exposure without spending additional money is good quality content.

Advertising in a publication with good quality content will directly increase the life of your advert contained within. Content comes in a variety of guises, at it’s best it’s unique, interesting, rich and relevant to the local area where potential clients live.  At it’s worst, it’s generic, boring, subjects that you’d find thousands of pages about on the internet.

Examples of good quality content:

  • Listings of local event open to the public.
  • Articles with local interest on:
    1. Countryside and wildlife.
    2. History.
    3. Farming.
    4. Food.
    5. Hobbies.
    6. Photographic features.

Examples of poor quality content:

  • Generic content that does not relate to the area of coverage of the publication:
    1. Gardening – you’ve seen it, stuff like “the best way to maintain your lawn”.
    2. Celebrity interview – the public generally have overexposure on TV and radio of this type of content – many of the celebrities also aren’t real celebrities. Much is also syndicated, so you see the same celebrity appear over a range of magazines – which also devalues it.
    3. DIY tips.
  • Space filling – this is where there have been spare pages within a publication and they’ve had to fill them rapidly so they can send it off for printing.  You’ll find all sorts of rubbish being used for this purpose.
  • Advertorial that’s dressed up to appear as genuine content such as company press releases repurposed to appear as proper editorial.  This is the worst because today’s readers are so heavily exposed to media of all types that reading something that turns out to be a plug for a business can be highly annoying.  Many glossy magazines can have a massive amount of this type of content that significantly devalues the publication and shelf-life to the reader.

It’s worth learning to identify what good quality content is, so you can market your business alongside it. Good quality content is expensive to produce, require careful copywriting, specialist photographic skills, layout time and skill.  But it can really enhance your advert’s exposure and image.

We class good quality content as Shelf-Life Promoters (see more about this here).


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