CAAP – why is this important to my business?

The CAAP figure (Cost per Advert Appearance per Page) provides you with the most direct way to measure the cost of exposure in a publication and this figure is presented in our comparison tables.  Note – if a warning triangle is displayed alongside the CAAP, this indicates that we’ve been unable to verify a publication’s circulation – so the CAAP figure could be even higher.

CAAP is a simple and revealing calculation allowing you to see
the true cost of exposure for a given publication:

Advert rate (1/4 page display)
magazine circulation (audited)


The only other important factor to consider alongside CAAP is the quality of a publication’s content. Sometimes a very low CAAP (benefitting the advertiser) is degraded by poor quality content, effectively reducing the shelf-life.  A combination of low CAAP and good quality content is most desirable.


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