Emailing systems – which should I choose?

You really do need some form of emailing system to manage your email marketing effectively for your business

There are various CRM (customer relations management) systems out there that you can utilize and customise in order to cater for your own requirements, many of which have the ability to upload an html template in order to carry out emailing. One that’s particularly flexible, not just for emailing, but for most of your company’s requirements is Filemaker Pro, which is a highly customisable and robust database software system. We created a bespoke Filemaker system for our own business which handles invoicing, customer relations, sales orders, emailings, tracking – the timesaving and improvement in productivity as well as customer service continues to amaze us – although we now use a better solution to our emailing requirement that allows our website and emailings to feed each other traffic in a highly effective loop – it’s called WordPress. (read more about Filemaker Pro here)

Your expanded email database list
You’ve always got to think ahead in business, what’s currently a 2,000 address list could be 20,000 in several years – so it’s worth thinking ahead because as mentioned in another article, subscription type email services such as Mailchimp, Sendloop, etc, (read more here) can get extremely expensive once you hit big numbers, so if you’ve invested much time in using these, you may find you have to abandon them later down the line because of cost.

Of course you can carry out emailing to address lists straight from your email client, but you’ll find this has serious limitation such as software failure and also emailing volume restrictions. If your web/email services are through a managed server type package, again, you’re going to hit restrictions on emailing volume imposed by your ISP. Additionally, setting the templates in your email client can be extremely fiddly and frustrating. In terms of buying into a robust, effective and workable solution, you can’t go wrong with a WordPress / dedicated server package with a newsletter plugin. This is the same setup that we use for our Advertising Inspector e-newsletter – for us it’s a ‘no-brainer’ because the emails feed customer visits to our website, and the website via our ‘subscribe‘¬†popup feeds customer addresses into our email database. If your business isn’t leveraging this seamless power and efficiency, you’re missing out.

The team at Advertising Inspector have immense experience in this area and can provide a fully commissioned system that once setup, you can run yourself – you also get a fully manageable, search engine friendly, content management driven website thrown into the deal! (contact us about this here)

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