How do I get best from my magazine connections?

If your business advertises in paper based publications over the long term, it’s well worth building a good working relationship with the publishers.

It’s the smart way to leverage an advantage for your business, the advantage being when the publication is planning features, or when they have spare space available available pre-publication, the magazine production team will always give their ‘friendly’ advertisers top priority, which could mean you gain additional exposure for your business at no cost.  Getting into the master-servant role with the magazines, or indeed any other business you deal with, just because you’re buying something from them, never ever pays, and the feel good factor from dealing with your company will never materialise.  Equally, if your company could be thought of as being ‘miserable’, you will miss out on highly valuable word-of-mouth marketing.  Remember you’re dealing with human beings – be friendly, be helpful, we’re all in the same boat. We spend most of our life working, we might as well enjoy it and be happy!

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