Getting the best from your email marketing?

It’s a most salient question – email’s an immensely powerful format for communication, it has the ability to both annoy and engage the audience.

Email marketing is a big topic of discussion, if harnessed correctly, it can give your company a massive advantage, although this can very much depend on the type of business you run. Certainly if you operate at B2B level, the ability to reach thousands of businesses in a single go can really augment sales – just imagine getting your sales team to phone around 10,000 businesses – how long would this take, and how much would this cost?

Many companies totally miss the point with email marketing, they just think ‘sales’ and totally forget the customer in terms of keeping them engaged. It’s vital when emailing previous and new customers, to consider how you’d feel if it was yourself receiving the email you’d be sending out. The temptation is to angle the email to achieve sales from outset, although in practice this will not happen, all the email will do is cause the customer to click the ‘unsubscribe’ button. So building compelling content into your emails is key to the longevity of what you’re hoping to achieve.

A great analogy I’m going to use here is that of a camera company that regularly sends me emails – a company where I’ve purchased products over the last few years. Instead of just emailing me offers on camera products, they also send emails containing informational videos covering a range of photography topics – these I consider interesting and valuable enough that I’m loath to unsubscribe.

There’s a very quick and basic way to ensure your customer emailing is always going to be fit for purpose. This is by sitting down and drafting out a basic tick list of objectives that have to be met every time you’re compiling a new customer email – religiously check your outgoing email content against this tick list each time before the emailshot is despatched.

Another topic worth mentioning is that of software / emailing systems. Selecting the ‘right’ emailing solution can make your campaigns highly productive and efficient. Equally there are ways where you can waste absolutely oodles of time and get nowhere, so careful research of emailing systems in terms of subscription services, software, etc is vital in order to make it all manageable and productive for your company (see more on managing your emailing lists here).

Of course, you’ll need to manage your emailing subscribers list – you can either generate this yourself (highly desirable but costly) or buy in data from a data seller, although beware data brokers (see more on building emailing lists here).

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