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Scoring and overall analysis
Final Score
(based on our 5 stage analysis - see scoring - our calculations)
33/100 65/100 42/100
Advertising Inspector's comment Found by the reviewer to be the standard Archant offering - much adverts and commercial content. Not helped by shared content that's included from other county titles. Layout predictable. Relatively low claimed circulation. Surprisingly low levels of genuine reader interest content, pretty much a glossy advertiser (see bar chart below), although well put together and attractive. Magazine has a combined large free circulation and an additional lesser paid circulation. Excellent CAAP. A decent quality magazine but with quite high levels of commercial content. Analysed as having the best level of reader focused content and generally found by the reviewer to be the most visually engaging, which is reflected in the scoring.
Advertising costs
(quarter page for a year, based on their rate card. Includes discounts they offer for series bookings.)
£2,220.00 £3,180.00 £1,900.80
Equivalent cost per month £185 £265 £158.40
Cost per Advert Appearance per Page (CAAP)
This is the best indicator to real price of exposure, see here

Areas for concern CAAP could be even higher because of lack of circulation evidence CAAP could be even higher because of lack of circulation evidence
Magazine Circulation
Number of magazines in circulation
(quantity sold in outlets)

Last audit date
Number of outlets
List due by 15th
Area of cover Cornwall & Marks and Spencer
stores across UK
Cornwall Cornwall
Published every: Month Month Month
Cover price £3.20 £3.25 £3.95
Recycling returns Unstated Unstated Unstated
Page content breakdown
Calculations expressed as a percentage of total magazine content, making 100%.
Content is split into five
classes (below):



Static content

Commercial reader content

Genuine reader content

Green is the best, red is worst shelf-life promoters

Cornwall Life

Cornwall Living

Cornwall Today
Content quality assessment
Comments (right) are the opinion of the Advertising Inspector reviewer at the time of inspection. We accept that each magazine’s content may vary per issue of publication, but we can only perform an analysis on a single magazine which we pick indiscriminately. Usual Archant templated layouts, fairly unexciting for the reader, much adverts and advertorial. Surprisingly good for a magazine with such high levels of commercial content, clean and bright. They work hard to produce interesting pages with much layout input.
Paper & print quality
Comment Good Good Good
Digital Versions
Digital version?
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Conclusion of findings
This comment is predominantly based on detailed and factual analysis of data with a minimal subjective element in order to give a totally unbiased and fair review. The process for AI’s magazine review is a totally open one. Publishers of magazines reviewed are invited to provide corrections if they consider them relevant. Note however that we will not amend information contained within the comparison section of this website unless we’re supplied with information that can be verified with solid evidence. This is particularly relevant to print quantities and circulation as well as the publication outlet networks. Note - status for audits over 5 years out of date change from 'lack of recent audit' to 'lack of audit evidence' The usual serving from national publishers Archant, having a high proportion of commercial content and relatively low levels of genuine reader interest editorial. Lack of variety in layouts and excessive page templates make it visually predictable. Comparatively low quantity sold, so poor reach compared to its free competitor. The worry is that the quantity sold could be even lower, as we couldn’t find any verification of their claimed magazine sales. Score suffering from lack of circulation evidence currently

Cheerful, well produced publication, although it has the highest level of commercial content we'd ever seen in a glossy. Consequently, there’s very little pure genuine reader interest content but the magazine’s has large free circulation as well as a lesser paid distribution, which means it’s sure to be flicked through (see bar chart breakdown of content makeup above). Free digital version also available free to view online, further extending the considerable advertising reach. Excellent CAAP figure. Undoubtedly the best of the Cornwall A4 glossy bunch, achieving the highest scoring - a fair bit of work goes into the layout, which moves around, adding interest. Genuine reader content levels - highest of the Cornwall A4s, and the lowest levels of advertising, but a fair bit of advertorial. Offers the most for the reader, but copies sold is lowest (with no sight of an audit), so exposure could be lacking for advertisers. Score suffering from lack of circulation evidence currently.

Issue reviewed May 2016 May 2016 May 2016
Company Archant Ltd Engine House Media Ltd DC Media
Initial Comparison Table Submission Date (ICTSD) (info) 6th May 2016 6th May 2016 6th May 2016
Emailed to Editor:
Commercial Director:
Group Director:
Final Response Date (FDR)(info) 20th May 2016 20th May 2016 20th May 2016
Response from publisher? None Figures all in None
Annual review due from May 2017 May 2017 May 2017