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Scoring and overall analysis
Final Score
(based on our 5 stage analysis - see scoring - our calculations)
32/100 38/100
Advertising Inspector's comment A nicely produced magazine, but providing extremely low levels of genuine reader interest content, the majority being commercial. Very little of genuine interest for the reader other than viewing adverts and reading advertorials (see page content breakdown further down). Currently waiting for circulation verification evidence. Again, nicely produced although having a fairly low level of genuine reader interest content (see bar chart lower down). Much commercial content with excessive advertising and advertorial. The downside for advertisers is limited shelf-life and consequently limited exposure for their business as a result!
Advertising costs
(quarter page for a year, based on their rate card)
£3,757 £1,800
Equivalent cost per month £313.03 £150
Cost per Advert Appearance per Page (CAAP)
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Areas for concern No audit. Frequency could dramatically impact your marketing spend. No audit. Very little information about the magazine online.
Magazine Circulation
Number of magazines in circulation
(quantity sold in outlets)


Last audit date
Number of outlets
Information not available

Information not available
Area of cover Exeter & Surround Exeter
Published every: 3 weeks Month
Cover price £3.00 Free
Recycling returns Unstated Unstated
Page content breakdown
Calculations expressed as a percentage of total magazine content, making 100%.
Content is split into five
classes (below):



Static content

Commercial reader content

Genuine reader content

Green is the best, red is worst shelf-life promoters

Exeter Living

Exeter Life
Content quality assessment
Layout variance
Comments (right) are the opinion of the Advertising Inspector reviewer at the time of inspection. We accept that each magazine’s content may vary per issue of publication, but we can only perform an analysis on a single magazine which we pick indiscriminately.
Editorial mostly focussed around businesses. Has a 'younger' feel to magazine. Compared to Archant's other magazines, this had much more variance in design.
Paper & print quality
Comment Good. Good.
Digital Versions
Online version? Yes Yes
Instantly available online, free to read? Yes Yes
Conclusion of findings
This comment is predominantly based on detailed and factual analysis of data with a minimal subjective element in order to give a totally unbiased and fair review. The process for AI’s magazine review is a totally open one. Publishers of magazines reviewed are invited to provide corrections if they consider them relevant. Note however that we will not amend information contained within the comparison section of this website unless we’re supplied with information that can be verified with solid evidence. This is particularly relevant to print quantities and circulation as well as the publication outlet networks. Very little reader-focused content so as marketeers, we'd be worried about the shelf-life of the magazine, which could provide poor value for the advertiser. Their media pack states 7,000 copies are posted through homes (we're currently waiting for some form of audit evidence), and 3,000 distributed elsewhere (again evidence of this claim is outstanding), and copies are available to pick up for free in quite a few locations outside of Exeter. Much effort goes into the design of the magazine, which has a trendy/modern look. Score suffering from lack of circulation evidence currently Pretty similar to its competitor, being fairly commercial, although our audit showed better levels of genuine reader content (although this was still fairly low which will undoubtedly devalue the exposure that advertisers may gain from appearing within). It's a free-to-the-public magazine which they claimed has a circulation of 10,000 copies - this figure's currently totally unproven. Score suffering from lack of circulation evidence currently

Issue reviewed Spring 2016 May 2016
Company Media Clash Ltd Archant Ltd
Initial Comparison Table Submission Date (ICTSD) (info) 3rd June 2016 3rd June 2016
Emailed to Editor:
Managing Editor:
Deputy Editor:
Commercial Director:
Final Response Date (FDR)(info) 17th June 2016 17th June 2016
Response from publisher? waiting waiting
Annual review May 2017 May 2017

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