Have you been shadowed by the Creepy Stalker?


You know the feeling, you’ve just visited a website and totally out of the blue, up pops an advert for something you’d already purchased months ago.

It sometimes feels we’re being permanently stalked whilst on the internet, advertising such as Google’s Adwords can be intrusive, annoying and a waste of money for advertisers generally, although it can be well targeted.   You also never get to see every instance of where this is working for you, it’s all on a wing and a prayer.  What’s most worrying is that in nearly every instance where I see advertising placement engines shoving adverts in front of me, I’ve already made the purchase ages ago and it’s really too late for the business that’s advertising to me, to make a sale, meaning that the business is totally wasting their money. There is no mechanism that I know of within Google to prevent this continual waste, why should there be, it’s in Google’s interest to keep these adverts popping up. Undoubtedly, if you’re using Adwords, this major flaw will cost you dearly. I recently spoke to a local company in Devon that had been using Adwords, who said that it’d generated a loads of impressions, cost lots of money, but had produced no business at all.

Without doubt, if you speak to one of the many new social media/digital marketing companies popping up all over the place, they’ll sing the praises of Adword and Social Media, as it’s wholly in their interests to get you on-the-drip with a monthly fee. The reality is that aside from the well broadcast advantages it can offer, much of this digital marketing has many serious disadvantages that don’t generally get broadcast to business consumers.

OK, so if you happen to be running a national web driven business with UK wide sales capability, then Adwords may be a form of marketing that you have to consider, especially if your competition is doing likewise, and you’ll need to be allocating a seriously large budget for this level of marketing operation. The reality for many regional and local businesses is that this can be a total red herring.

For many businesses, it doesn’t necessary follow that you can generate instant response business from marketing that comes from Adwords. For a large proportion of the local/regional businesses servicing their own patch, it’s vitally important that confidence is built up with your prospective customers before a sale can be achieved. This is where branding/name awareness marketing is absolutely vital. Additionally, top-of-mind recall is another factor that can be addressed with good quality local marketing.

In a survey carried out by Adobe in 2012, 46% of respondents agreed that online advertising is creepy and stalks you.  The survey also found 51% of respondents agree that beautiful advertising is more effective, something you can achieve on paper, but not so easily online.


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