How important is name awareness?

Name awareness is of total importance to your business!

Here’s a test you can do right now just to demonstrate this.

Can you say which companies spring instantly to mind if you needed the following services from your local area:

  1. Fit new windows?
  2. Fit a new kitchen?
  3. Buy a bed?
  4. Get legal advice?
  5. Buy a house?

If you’ve come up with one company for each of the above, you must get what we’re saying.

Also consider how you’re aware of these companies?  It may be a combination of exposure factors: van signage, paper advertising, word of mouth, high street presence – all these things get thrown into the receptacle which is your brain, and exposure over the long term only contributes to this effect.  (see dripping tap exposure)

Ways to gain Name Awareness
Paper advertising – Advertising Inspector’s stance here is: ‘pick your pitch and stay with it’.
It’s worth doing your research on paper products, then once you have the assurances on circulation and distribution, stay the course, don’t chop and change.  (see chopping and changing)

Website advertising – rather than using pay per click (which can work out really expensive for high ranking terms), local websites can be utilised, providing there’s a genuine reason for the public to visit these sites.  Many website receive low level traffic and are of little interest to the public, so you need to be certain there’s a compelling reason for the public to visit. Also be aware of long tail keyword deployment for your website, particularly so if you’re using pay per click, because it will give you a much better quality of lead/business and help reduce cost (see here).

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