Forget static websites, many businesses are finding there’s one platform that will revolutionise their internet presence.

The buzz word is WordPress – in terms of which website platform to adopt for your business. Forget the old static sites, designed in Dreamweaver and hard coded in html and css, you’ll find that by adopting the WordPress platform, your website will be much easier to manage and to develop. You won’t be left having to start again if you wish to make radical changes (because it’s part of a database driven system, which keeps all your assets safe and reusable). You can also bring in additional functions via plugins or even by a touch of coding if you can’t find exactly the right plugin for your requirements. Text formatting is always beautiful because it’s part of a unified scheme, also when your website’s setup, you are then able to log in yourself to add pages and update information, all via a menu driven console. Additionally, WordPress in the most search engine friendly platform, it’s so easy to ensure you’re doing what the likes of Google requires in order to see your pages transparently – there are so many pluses and so few negatives that it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

Our marketing arm can provide you with the total solution to your needs, we have massive experience within our team when it comes to website deployment, we’ve pretty much done it all in terms of technology, so you can be assured of a comprehensive service.  Our prices start at £1500.  If you wish to discuss this further, contact us via our form and we’ll come back to you for a chat about your requirements (contact form).