A picture is worth a thousand words!

This statement is indeed true, if your website displays poor quality images (or your advert), it will reflect badly on your company – it’s that simple. We can help ensure whatever you wish to display to potential clients, will look its best. We have a broad range of digital photography skills such as:

  • Raw file processing – a specialism of ours –  essential to get the best from any image, particularly in terms of increasing the virtual dynamic range available.
  • 25 years Photoshop experience – vital to get the very best from digital images.
  • High grade lenses and cameras – forget the camera phone, for serious images you need proper photographic kit, you also need to know how to get the best from it.
  • Working in artificial light – your imagery can be seriously degraded unless you have a solid workflow strategy.
  • Working in daylight – light conditions, time of day, sky clarity, etc – they’re all factors that need pulling together if you’re to get the best image possible.
  • Working in restricted space – don’t let lens distortions/directional light make your rooms/workshop look odd, we can help get the best from any scenario.

Please be aware that the photography is 50% of the actual time cost. Processing files from Raw and work undertaken in Photoshop to optimise images easily takes as long as the actual time at the workplace taking the photos.

If you’re serious about enabling your company and products to look good, contact us.