Is your business compatible with Social Media?

This is a very pertinent question, it’s a fact that many businesses will never really derive much, if any benefit from Social Media simply because their service or product isn’t of mass interest.

For instance, if you have a company fitting kitchens, you have to ask if your post on twitter: ‘I’ve just installed a lovely kitchen’ going to be of interest to anyone?  I doubt it very much.  The danger if you post boring or inane messages on social media is that some of your followers may block your feeds in their console, so there is a permanent requirement for you to be creative and to carefully judge whatever message you’re going to post, before you actually do it. Certain businesses are well aligned with social media, for instance a restaurant may have introduced a new pudding to its menu – people love puddings, so yes, a short tweet such as ‘It’s a resounding YES for our new fab Black Forest choccie mousse at The River Shack‘ could excite interest.  People like puddings, chocolate is loved by many, and everyone I know eats, so yes, mass appeal I should imagine, and hence the chance that this may be liked by other social media users or even shared with their followers, giving potentially free exposure (not forgetting the ongoing time or agent cost – read about the real cost here).

Compatibility factors
Here are a few to consider:

  • Does your product or service type have mass or specialist niche appeal which would align to either a hobby or special interest group or alternatively appeal to the masses?
  • Is the prospective audience you wish to reach actually using SM?  (see more)
  • Age group of potential customers, are they young, middle aged or retired?

It’s inevitable that as more and more businesses join the foray of those trying to leverage social media for their business, the social media platforms will become decreasingly effective as a form of marketing.  This is because increasing volume of business plugging reaches users will ultimately turn them off!  (see social media haters here)