Is your marketing agency doing their homework?


It’s an endless source of amazement to us, just how many so-called marketing agencies aren’t doing what they should be!

Perhaps 60-70% of the time, we discover clients haven’t had the benefit of rational analysis when it comes to the inspection of appropriate media (from their previous marketing agency). Depressing, but true, it appears to be a profession of both professionals and charlatans. The downside to this is the denigration of what really good marketing agencies can do for your business. Certainly, when you engage a marketing agency to help your business with its development, there’s a massive element of trust necessary from you as the client, from what is generally considered a slow process to achieve a return on investment. The problem if you engage the wrong company, can be that your business will not only experience the loss of capital from the agency fees, but also the loss of potential business from a well conceived and deployed marketing campaign – the time lag due to marketing will mask any damage done. Unfortunately, the risks are great. If you’re considering taking on a marketing company, or you have suspicions about your existing marketing agency, just ask the questions you need to – if you don’t get satisfactory answers, then perhaps it’s time to move on!

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