Cosy relationships with marketing agencies can damage your business!


As a professional company with an ear to the ground, many times we’ve been aware of bad practice. We often see marketing agencies having too cosy a relationship with magazine publishers.

It’s always the case that where there’s money to be made, incentives can change hands as part of the ‘love affair’ if you pardon the expression. Far be it for us to point the finger, but this scenario is fairly common, particularly amongst the national publishing groups and regionalised marketing agencies.

Of course, business is business as they say, things like this happen and so long as no damage is done then so be it. However, these lovey-dovey relationships may mean that magazines from certain publishers get recommended above others,  potentially to your business’s detriment. It’s particularly important at this point in time to cast a wary eye over the publications your marketing agency has recommended. Over the past decade there has been a dramatic re-adjustment within the magazine publishing industry, particulary in the packages available to advertisers. What ‘Suralan’ called Fremium magazines in one episode of The Apprentice, have expanded out massively, and in many cases the advertiser offering for your region in terms of price and reach can be very much better than the paid-for equivalent, most of which have been in decline over the past decade (read more about the decline here).

So if you’ve been advised to advertise within a specific magazine, particularly if it’s a paid-for magazine with undisclosed sales figures, then you may be paying very high rates for not very much exposure – even if it appears busy and successful. Don’t forget to view our Comparison Tables for your county – they will give you the true picture of each magazine we review and allow you to see how they stack up against the competition (don’t worry if we haven’t carried out a comparison for your area yet – it’s coming soon).

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