Is your marketing agent napping?


Farming out your company’s marketing requirement to an external marketing agent can carry massive risks!

We’re not saying that this is always the case, there are many really excellent, hard-working marketing agencies out there, but over the years, we’ve come across many grossly incompetent ones that have done their clients more harm than good. The worry at the moment is just about anyone can setup their own marketing / pr company with a computer, a website and a phone – that’s it.

It’s understandable, the temptation to outsource your marketing, it’s a big and important task that’s probably best in the hands of professionals and if you’re pushed for time servicing your business, then potentially this is a sensible move.  There are many aspects of your company’s marketing which are ingrained within your business, that only you can really control.  But there are the external aspects that can be handled by a suitably qualified, experienced and capable agent:

  • Corporate image.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Website presence and functionality.
    • Search engineering aspects.
    • e-newsletter.
    • Content management systems.
  • Paper based advertising.
    • Advert design, size, company offers.
    • Advert and advertorial bookings and negotiations.
  • Social Media – if your business is compatible (see here)

Advertising Inspector are more than happy to provide any of the above services to your business.  We work predominantly by email as this is the best way to deliver a high quality service at a very cost-effective price.


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