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It’s a fact that many businesses have extremely poor experiences from advertising. Whether it’s because they feel they’ve been ripped-off at some stage, or just because they don’t see why they should have to shoulder what they consider is an additional cost burden.

Large businesses are probably more detached in their dealings with marketing, usually engaging a marketing company to do the detail stuff.  The results of their marketing campaigns see the light of day in boardroom meetings.  Smaller businesses know at first hand how time consuming it can be to work out an effective way forward with their marketing campaign.  The danger is that a hasty decision made with insufficient research can result in the loss of hard earned cash, damaging cash flow.  This scenario is common in companies where time is in short supply.  Perhaps you’ve hastily booked advertising, prompted by a magazine rep, only to regret the decision at leisure, perhaps because you’ve found out that their circulation is much less than you thought, resulting in poor response. Perhaps worst still, you discover your error six months to a year down the line when you’ve blown your marketing budget to no avail.

It has to be said that even high circulation, long shelf-life advertising can sometimes fail to achieve a decent ROI, however, it can be a mistake to chop and change (see more on chop & change).  If you’ve invested £XX and your advert has been getting out there to a large audience, it can sometimes be a case of bad luck or even changes in the local dynamic, if you get a poor response.  It’s worth weighing things up carefully because you’ve already exposed your business in the publication, and it may be a case of continuing further to reap the benefits, because you’ve probably built up a measure of name awareness over the term of your advertising.  At this point you should also consider the following:

  • Has new competition moved into your area?
  • Is your business performing well in front of customers:  price/cost/quality?
  • Is your advert message well considered, clear and effective?
  • Are your products or services still what’s required in your area?

For any business to truly succeed, they have to often be masters of many disciplines.  Marketing is probably the most important discipline and it’s really the front line.  The truism below is timeless:

‘If you can’t get business, you don’t have a business’

At the end of the day, marketing isn’t a black art, it’s just a case of doing the research thoroughly and using good old common sense.  Don’t get swayed by sales reps, make your decision based on the hard facts – our Comparison Tables and Knowledge Base will save you hours of valuable time and give you an unbiased view of marketing in general. Our figures are evidence based, meaning that if magazine publishers can’t properly substantiate their circulation / sales figures, then we won’t accept them and demonstrate this in our Comparison Tables. Untrustworthy, claimed figures from publishers are marked with the orange warning triangle (below):

Advertising Inspector - warning triangle This triangle signifies figures are claimed only – absolutely no verification whatsoever has been provided by the publisher.


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