What’s great about long tail keywords?


It’s worthwhile ensuring long tail keywords are employed in your website. You may wonder what they are?

Normal keyword search
‘kitchen plymouth’

Long-tail keyword search
‘kitchen granite work surface plymouth’

The normal keyword search above for ‘kitchen plymouth’ will result in a much greater found set of results for the consumer. Being amongst these has less value than your company being among the long-tail keyword results, because adding on granite work surface will instantly have filtered out your business amongst the possible results, providing you have the term granite work surface and reference to kitchen and plymouth within your web page.  The found set of results within the search engine will be dramatically reduced, but importantly for your business, these are much more focussed individuals searching for a specific product or service that your company provides.

If you’re going down the pay per click route, then your money will be much better spent by using long tail keywords as you’re reaching the people who specifically want what you provide and importantly, you’re not paying for the broader searches that are much less related to your company’s service.

You can also cater for long tail keywords within your website’s pages, which ensure that your website is well indexed for the more obscure, but focussed searches that ultimately could directly result in business.

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