Marketing my business following Brexit?


We’ve had a flurry of our marketing clients ask what they should do in relation to the Brexit outcome

The answer is simple – keep up the marketing pressure, do not pull the plug on marketing, this can be the very worst way to react.  It’s a fairly widely accepted fact that businesses maintaining a constant marketing presence, even in times of recession, will do much better over the long term.  Certainly, pulling the plug on advertising allows competitors to move into your patch and will also lower top-of-mind awareness within your targeted audience, which is so very important for businesses operating and marketing to local/regional levels. Also, if you continue marketing whilst the competition switch off, this is an opportunity for your business to make gains and grab a larger market share.  What’s important is that you’re getting value from wherever you spend money on marketing activity – it can be worth undertaking an appraisal of your existing marketing vehicles.

In terms of the economy, there’s much debate about a possible recession, and undoubtedly a period of readjustment will inevitably lead to fluctuating financial markets.  Financial institutions seem to be universally agreed that the EU member economies are performing poorly (especially the southern states)  – some have also suggested that it’s a slowly sinking ship, perhaps we may find that the UK, by detaching itself, could escape what would be unavoidable if we were still joined at the hip.  It certainly appears that following the post Brexit ‘leave’ result, the UK’s financial indicators aren’t nearly as dire as predicted, and in the long term, the economy has every chance of flourishing. To date there’s not really been a huge  adverse stock market reaction. Exciting times and new challenges are ahead – it’s best to meet them head on.

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