Why is newspaper advertising so costly?


Newsprint’s not a great format to enhance the image of your company, it also works out to be really expensive

Newsprint isn’t a pretty format, print quality is always poorer, which means your nicely designed advert certainly isn’t going to look its best.  It has to be mentioned that newsprint is many, many times cheaper to produce than glossy printed publications, so much bigger profits for the publishers.

But what’s most worrying about newspaper advertising is the very short shelf-life in the home, they quickly look tatty, the content’s generally throwaway, consequently they hit the bin within a couple of days along with your advert and money (if you’re an advertiser).  The other factor worthy of consideration is that very few newspapers are delivered to homes these days, they’re either paid-for (see what we say about paid-for here) or free at various outlets so you will never achieve 100% exposure in front of your target area.  The actual readership for newspapers can be surprisingly low, but don’t expect newspaper sales reps to divulge their circulation figures as it’s generally not in their interest.


Newspaper advert – £100/2 days = £50 per day cost
(assuming purchased Friday, binned Sunday)

Magazine advert (monthly) – £100/20 days – £5 per day cost
(assuming magazine kept on coffee table or in magazine rack for 20 days)

If you have a big disposable budget and wish to dominate an area over and above the competition, then newspaper advertising could be a choice, but it’s very expensive and you have to be prepared to commit a large ongoing budget – ultimately, you have to consider if it’s sustainable for your business. You may find you’re forced to use the newspaper if you can’t find an appropriate glossy magazine for your area.

We’d advise you to look at the A5 magazine format for marketing your business at hyper local level, usually you can find ones that are delivered directly to homes in an area, ensuring you reach 100% of your potential clients.  100% blanket cover is the marketing nirvana… job done!


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