Advertising Inspector was setup as a non-trading, information only website, born from our frustration at the false claims of publishing houses which it seems are rife within the magazine publishing industry.

We were equally frustrated at the poor advice given to many of the businesses we approached by advertising and marketing agencies, particularly where it came to the basic lack of detail gathering such as print run and circulation for magazines. It seemed that many agents are more than happy to believe the spin put out by publishing companies, getting no further than accepting publishers meaningless claims for readership or media opportunities (also see cosy relationships here).

If you’re a business researching for your next marketing campaign, we hope this website provides you with an invaluable resource to help you gain the most from your marketing spend and makes you aware of factors that you may not have previously considered.  Over the last 10 or more years, the marketing arena has changed dramatically, with the advent of social media and also the rapid decline in paid-for publications, so if you’ve been advertising continuously for the past 1 to 10 years in paper based publications, particularly if they carry a cover price, then it’s worth checking our comparison tables to ensure you’re aware of the real picture.

If you’re a marketing/advertising agency and serious about getting the best for your clients, you can see our analysis is exhaustive and should save you an awful lot of time and work – we’re more than happy for you to use it as a point of reference with clients to justify your strategic marketing decisions. The Advertising Inspector e-newsletter will be mailed out to many thousands of businesses across the South West, providing invaluable tips to help them get the best out of their marketing campaigns.

We accept that this website may be unsavoury to many publishers that are being economic with the truth, but equally, where we find excellent magazines, providing great value, we’ll champion their cause and they’ll be able to use our comparison tables to show the quality and circulation of their publications. This website may also push other publishers to raise the bar in terms of their offering to advertisers. We’re here to reveal the true figures and our scorings are designed to reflect our finding in an easily understandable format.

It’s important to note that Advertising Inspector is a non-trading website. Commercial work is placed through a separate marketing company that we run.

We welcome your comments and feedback.