The pros and cons of publication frequency


It’s worth considering publication frequency because it directly affects how much money you’re spending on advertising.

What you need to achieve is a level of ongoing marketing that’s sustainable, allowing you to keep your company’s name out there with a permanent presence, and bringing in an acceptable level of business across the year.


In short, this is expensive – you need a big budget to participate in this frequency of publication and generally it’ll be newspapers that provide this type of frequency (see what we say about using newspapers for your marketing here).

Generally speaking, monthly advertising frequency is catered for by a range of A4 and A5 publications, although they’re mainly going to be magazines.  This frequency is much more affordable than newspaper advertising – actually, it’s much more viable in the long-term and generally, is a much smarter media format than newsprint.

As per monthly, but an even better proposition for keeping your name out there whilst not spending a fortune. Bimonthly frequency effectively halves your annual marketing spend compared to monthly frequency, allowing you to use the saving for a range of other marketing activity (or perhaps buy more space to make more of an impact) providing of course, there’s enough genuine reader interest type content to keep them engaged – and not too much advertorial and advertising which can kill the shelf-life (this is what page content breakdown analysis demonstrates within the comparison tables for any given publication that we’ve reviewed).

This a relatively low frequency level which requires really good content in order for the publication to be retained in the home.

If you’re advertising in an annual publication, perhaps a directory of some kind? – you need to be aware that there’s a strong possibility that it could be mislaid, and again the content needs to be compelling enough for it to be kept.

With any marketing you do, please bear in mind that content is king – it’s what enables your advert to gain vastly increased exposure through improved shelf-life, effectively lowering the actual cost of marketing. Always ensure before signing up for a series, that you examine the content – for A4s, is it rich, interesting and useful?  – for A5s, does it have much community reference?
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