Advertising Inspector - merit based awards

Use Advertising Inspector as a tool to boost your advertising sales

If your publication has received a good scoring result in our comparison tables, you may wish to broadcast this fact to existing and potential advertisers, it will allow them to fully understand the value and exposure your publication provides, which is particularly valuable as it comes from an independent source. Your sales team will find Advertising Inspector an immensely powerful tool in terms of justifying your advertising proposition to businesses. We are more than happy for you to quote ‘Advertising Inspector’. We also provide logos that you can use in your publication, within e-newsletters and on your websites to help get your message over (see the T&C for using our logos below).

“Advertising Inspector is keen to champion publications providing great advertising value and having fully transparent circulation data”

Advertising Inspector assets
We provide several logo formats below for use in your publication / website / emails as .pdf and also .png

Terms & Conditions for use of Advertising Inspector logos
As a publisher who has achieved a high scoring on our comparison tables, we allow you to use the Advertising Inspector logo within your publication/s, emails and websites to prove to potential and existing advertisers the value and quality your publication provides as a marketing vehicle. Permission for use is only granted where your publication has been awarded either a gold, silver or bronze in Advertising Inspector’s comparison tables.   Additionally, permission is not granted where the logos are used in any manner that could be seen as derogatory to Advertising Inspector. If you wish to use the logos, we only require a once-only initial notice in email from you, which should state the publication/s or website/s where you intend to use the logo. We reserve the right to rescind our permission at any time.

Email signature bitmap – awards based
Permission for use is granted on condition that your publication has received the appropriate scoring within Advertising Inspector’s comparison tables.

Advertising Inspector - Gold award email signature

Advertising Inspector - Silver award email signature

Advertising Inspector - Bronze award email signature
See how XXXXX magazine compares below:

Above – it’s suggested that you use award bitmap with the text line and link directly below the email signature bitmap. Just right click on any of the 3 images above and save to your computer. They’re in highly optimized .png format.



Advertising Inspector logos
You are able to use our logos within your publication or on your website, where you point the potential advertiser to your score award. This is a great way to prove to potential advertisers of the value you provide.


Advertising Inspector logo .pdf

File in .png format below, you need to right click and save image on your computer:


Advertising Inspector logo