Radio – expensive and possibly obscure?

Radio advertising on buses

How often do you see radio stations advertised on the sides of buses?

At the very least this should pose questions for the intelligent business person. Far be it for the team at Advertising Inspector to state the obvious, but the idea with advertising is that by paying, you gain instant access to exposure through a readymade advertising channel. So why, you may ask, does the local radio station need to advertise on the side of the bus when the radio station itself is a channel? The answer’s blindingly obvious – it’s because they’re having trouble getting an audience – at least an audience large enough to make a success of things.

So if you’re considering radio advertising, beware of the hard sell, the wooing, the glamour of being on the radio – it can be very expensive and the time slots you pay for can be easily missed by whatever audience they have – and you NEVER get to know how large or small that really is!

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