Shelf-life promoters – does this benefit my business?


Advertising Inspector classes good quality content as shelf-life promoters because this can leverage dramatically extended exposure for your business’s advert at no additional cost.

When weighing up which glossy magazine to choose for your campaign, it’s really important to choose one with lots of rich, interesting and engaging content. Many publishers subscribe to online content providers which can be generic and boring, having no relation to your local community or locality. Much of this is syndicated, for instance, interviews with celebrities.

It’s rare for small scale publishers to create rich content because it’s time consuming and expensive to generate and usually not within their means, because of cost and/or because they don’t have the staff with the necessary specialist skills.

Equally, many of the large national publishing groups can churn out anodyne, lacklustre content and certainly many of these big groups rely on press releases to fill their magazine pages.  This is bad news for advertisers, particularly within paid-for magazines, because it all means that the reader will feed very disinclined to spend hard cash reading adverts, advertorial and press releases masquerading as content – potentially leaving the magazine on the shelf, along with your advert if you’re one of the advertisers.  This is why paid-for publications have suffered massive drops in their circulation – the public have stopped buying them, particularly in light of the many premium quality, free magazines available. (Fremium – a phrase coined by Lord Sugar when discussing premium quality magazines that are free to the public).

So remember, you need to advertise where there’s rich and unique content that relates directly to the publication’s area of cover – that way you’ll get the very best from your marketing budget.


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