Should I switch from paper to social media?


The answer in short is no!

Before you make any major changes, and particularly before considering a move from paper to social media marketing, you need to very carefully assess what you wish to achieve with your marketing campaign over the long term. Exploring your social media options in conjunction with paper marketing can be worthwhile, but making an all-or-nothing decision to switch from one type of marketing to another can be dangerous for your business.

Certainly, if you’re looking to try out social media for your company, you need to be aware of many factors such as how compatible your business is with this form of marketing (see here) – it doesn’t suit many businesses, although they can all use it, they may not find it effective, and you have to consider the real time cost of social media (see here).

Paper marketing is still the most direct, transparent,¬†easy to implement and productive forms of marketing – if you’ve not managed to get it working productively, it’s worth looking at a range of factors such as your competitors, your pricing, customer services, corporate image, advert design and size (not forgetting of course, the publication you’ve used) – these are all variables that need assessing to ensure your business is fighting fit to gain business. It’s always better to dip your toe in the water to trial social media, whilst keeping the majority of your existing marketing in place.

There’s no doubt that social media can be great for certain types of businesses, but exercise caution because any major changes to your marketing can have profound effects further down the line.

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