Should I use local websites for online advertising?

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This is a question we often get asked, and it’s worth considering local websites as an alternative to the default banner placement platforms

The answer here is that it all depends on what’s available locally, also whether these websites are able to perform several tasks:

  1. Direct traffic through to your company website, increasing exposure.
  2. Help with the search engineering aspects of your business’s website.
  3. Help build name awareness of your business in the local environment.
  4. Generate leads.

Of course the quality of websites is variable at local level.  Firstly you have to ask yourself if the website you’re considering advertising on is credible and would attract regular traffic, additionally, this all has to be considered in the context of cost.  You may find that your money can go a long way at local level, perhaps paying a one-off fee for the whole year.  There are some great local websites that may not directly result in calls from customers, but can provide really valuable and ongoing brand awareness brainwashing for your company over the long-term.  This must be worthy of consideration, especially if you’re keen on working your local patch thoroughly through intense marketing.

Please be aware of what we say about the Creepy Stalker in terms of the tracking based internet advertising platforms (read more here).

At some point in the future, Advertising Inspector will be mapping out the credible, local websites worth consideration for your marketing strategy.  Marketing’s really about spreading yourself around – don’t put all your eggs in one basket!


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