Can Social Media work for my business?

Yes, you’ve probably heard the rumours about how Social Media can be used to market your business, but what’s the reality?

Well, if you’re inventive, have a lot of spare time, and have the right sort of business, then you can leverage an advantage from this form of media.

Firstly, you need to work out if your business is compatible with social media.  Any business can use social media, but there are many that won’t benefit greatly because they’re incompatible (see here). Some businesses are highly compatible with social media, but be aware that there’s an ongoing time cost to ensure you reach a level where it’s all worthwhile (see ongoing requirements here).

Secondly, from all your business contacts and associates, do you know any of them that have achieved measurable increases in business?  It’s easy to get carried away – many people think that it’s absolutely free marketing – well, it is, if you can afford at least an hour a day to push forward your social media strategy and have something genuinely witty, interesting or beneficial in terms of offers to put out!

Advertising Inspector can advise you on social media – it can be good to get a realistic, honest opinion which could save you much time and effort. There are many companies out there determined to sell you social media services – you need to be careful, particularly if considering migration from paper (see here).

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