Is Social Media a con?

Far be it for us to court controversy at Advertising Inspector, but this question was recently posed to me by a business client.

When you consider how sophisticated the social media engines are, they’ve been devised to get you hooked, and keep you hooked.  You may have watched teenagers on their smartphones, crossing the road whilst thumb typing responses to social media messages.  In many ways you have to feel sad about it all, and also ponder why, if people want to be sociable, they don’t just go round and see their friends, or call them on the phone.  Perhaps Social Media should be renamed Unsocial Media – you certainly have to consider the quality-of-life issues that the overburden of social media creates in our lives.

Here at Advertising Inspector, although we’ve all used it and are fully aware of its marketing nuances (as you’d expect), we’ve made a group decision that the time cost of using social media totally devalues the actual benefit that our company can derive from it. In this day and age of big workloads and limited time, social media takes just too much time out of the day, and the result can makes your company appear desperate – put in the vernacular, there’s an element of ‘Billy no mates’ about it all!

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