Photo tips for the ‘Social Pages’


It can be good or bad, appearance in the social pages of a glossy magazine needs careful control

You open the magazine only to see the photographer has made a mess of things, yes, it’s so easy to end up looking like Coco the Clown. It’s easy to be caught in an unfortunate pose, or the printers may have over done the inking on the press, so the team all appear redder than they should be. It’s the sort of thing you just don’t want to happen – there are many factors outside your control when you decide to make an appearance within social pages.

Top Tips:

  • Engage a professional photographer, not somebody you know who’s handy with a camera.
  • Ensure you get to see the image before it’s printed – absolutely vital.
  • Whoever takes shots of you and your team, make sure they’re using one of the longer focal length portrait lenses to avoid facial distortion.
  • Your photographer should be working in RAW format to rectify any white balance errors.
  • Ensure any reds on skin are turned down in Photoshop – print densities can shift on the press, so if the magenta plate print density is excessive, you’ll all appear redder than you should.
  • Ensure that there’s no harsh lighting pointing directly down from the ceiling, or you end up with the ‘panda’ shadows round your eyes and a harsh shiny spot on your forehead.
  • If it’s an awards presentation, it’s good to appear bowled over and suitably humble.


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