The great glossy advertising scam!


The team at Advertising Inspector has been astonished at the apparent fraudulent operation of many publishers

The word ‘fraud’ may sound a bit harsh, but in many instances we’re justified in using this word. Since starting work on the Advertising Inspector project, it seems we’ve uncovered a very large can of worms. Of course, the main reason we launched this website was our frustration at the devious tactics employed by publishers to hide their circulations. We knew what was going on, but we had no idea of the scale of the problem. This problem seems in particular to apply to paid-for publications, where they’ve suffered plummeting drops in sales (read more here).

What constantly amazes us here at Advertising Inspector, is how businesses (and shamefully, many so-called marketing agencies) will go off and book advertising without having any accurate idea of circulation. Put it like this, would you go into a shop to buy sausages, hand over £4.00 without know how many they were going to give you – exactly, no you wouldn’t!

See the following link as a minimum requirement to avoid falling into the circulation trap (here).

Don’t get us wrong, glossy advertising is one of the best forms of marketing at regional level, and there are many reputable publishers out there, providing great quality and value, but also beware of the charlatans who are happy to take your money without giving you much exposure in return.

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