We’re flat out, why should we bother advertising?


You should never get complacent when it comes to promoting your business.

Yes, if you’re flat out, then why spend the money on advertising when you can keep it in the bank you may ask. Well, there are many reasons why you should wish to keep your brand and business presence out there in the community in front of people. Recessions come along regularly, so many businesses we’ve dealt with in the past have been flat out one minute, and then deathly quiet the next – recessions come along, elections, stock market crashes, new competitors, etc, – what’s vital is that if things do go quiet, that the marketing you’ve had in place will keep you going, and there’s also the possibility competitors may close down if they’re hit hard enough, leaving your business to flourish when things pick up again. But you won’t benefit from these scenarios if you don’t have permanent, dripping-tap marketing in place (see dripping tap marketing). Dripping tap marketing will enable your business to keep marketing at a relatively low cost, enabling you to keep your business and brand out there – effectively brainwashing so that when the potential customer wants a certain product or service, the first company that springs into their head is yours!

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