What is dripping-tap marketing?

dripping tap

No, it’s nothing to do with plumbing – dripping-tap marketing is a way to keep your business in front of potential customers to ensure a smooth flow of work.

Your business may be fairly well established and perhaps you can’t take on any more work because you’re extremely busy at the moment.  But you know how it is, things can change rapidly. It’s not out of the question that your business could experience a drop-off in business a couple of months down the line, at which point there’s nothing much you can do except blow lots of money by placing large adverts in the local newspapers in the vain hope that something might materialise (see what we say about newspaper advertising).

One established way to prevent this sort of calamity is to ensure you keep your company visible in front of the community on a long-term basis.  Avoid newspapers, because your £100 advert on Friday night is in the bin by Sunday morning.  The idea is to maintain exposure for your business without massive costs. By far the most effective way to do this is to use monthly or bi-monthly magazines.  At hyper local level, A5 community magazines are particularly effective.  At regional level, glossy A4s are equally good at keeping your company out there.  And of course, your single advert will gain vastly extended exposure, particularly if you’re advert is placed in a good quality magazine containing content of interest and reference for the reader.

By marketing your business in this way, you can ensure a steady flow of leads that will feed your work pipeline into the future. The other advantage with dripping-tap marketing is that the constancy of your appearance will ensure that potential customers get to recognise and trust your business and it can also serve as a reminder to them when a need arises for your service or product.


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