What would you class as a Social Media type user?

It’s wise to stop and consider the sort of person using Social Media – they may not be the ones your business needs to target

The target undoubtedly is people spending money, probably people with money.  Remember that most of the disposable income in the UK is in the hands of the 50+ generation, where they’ve inherited wealth from parents who’ve passed away. Many of these 50+ sector have also paid off their mortgage, consequently having large disposable incomes with which to indulge their whims, particularly when they reach retirement age when their pensions kicks in.

It has to be said that the digital audience is a moving target – with patterns changing as digital services and offerings evolve and compete for market share. This is compounded over age stratum. It’s safe to say the audience is still expanding, so when planning any digital marketing campaigns, you need to consider all these various criteria before setting your plan.

Finally, let us not forget the demise of Friends Reunited and with recent news stories about a decline in Twitter, it’s obvious that things are very much in transition, so keeping an open mind, but also don’t forget that if you’re particularly interested in generating business at local level, you may be getting too bogged down in the digital stuff and forgetting what’s most efficient for reaching the local audience – paper!

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