What’s the best way to create an email template?

If you’re venturing into the science of email marketing, you’ll most likely want to have a workable html email template.

There are many considerations with email marketing, particularly in relation to the look and functionality of your email. This is governed by your email template, unless you’re just going to use a plain text type email, which can be very drab and uninviting for your customers. The email template will be set in html, and you should be aware that you can’t control the font typefaces within your customers email client, what you can do is keep the fonts restricted to basic system / web fonts that are widely supported in the majority of email clients. The general rule is to work to a basic grid system and this is most effective using html tables that contain the basic object blocks such as bitmaps and text. You can use inline css to control basic formatting. It’s also important to mention that many email clients have ‘display images’ turned off, so don’t get too carried away with bitmaps because they may never see the light of day.

Emailing subscription services such as MailChimp, Sendloop, CampaignMonitor, etc, all have friendly interfaces built in, which enable you to escape the frustrations and vagaries of html and css, making it relatively easy to configure your html email, although it’s vital to be aware that as your email database list increases in size, so do their subscription charges, which can start off at really affordable rates, but ramp up once you get going, potentially making them too expensive.

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