Why are Keywords important for my company?

Keyword ranking is an important aspect of Search Engineering

Yes, you probably understand the concept here, someone types into Google ‘kitchens plymouth’ because they’re researching potential companies they can employ to create a new kitchen for their home.

Of the 19 million-odd results that Google served up, as a consumer, you’re probably only interested in what’s on the first or second page, so it’s important, if your company supplies and fits kitchens in the Plymouth area, that you achieve a decent showing.  Of course there are other factors the customer has to consider, but being close to the top puts your business in the running from outset.

Keywords take us into the realms of search engine optimisation and it’s important to say at this stage much depends on your website platform.  There are SEO unfriendly websites, as there are SEO friendly ones, so adopting the right website platform moving forwards is pretty important. (also see long tail keywords)

Of course much has changed in the last 15 years in terms of search engineering, in the old days there were tricks you could employ on your website to jump up in the search results queue, but these days it really is more about ensuring your website’s transparent to the search engines and all the usual groundwork is in place. Websites adopting micro data tagging can be good, for instance, schema compatibility can be advisable, depending on your website data. Google’s very good these days at sniffing out any tricks you may attempt, such as spamming keywords into your website, so best not to event attempt this sort of thing, just remain honest and truthful in providing the best experience you can for your website visitor.

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