Why isn’t paper advertising working for our business?

paper advertising

We always wonder when a client says paper advertising doesn’t work for them

It’s worth going back to basics, working out where you’ve advertised, with what size and type of advert, and for how long. There are so many variables that are important to gaining success with paper marketing, but if you DO get it right, paper marketing can be one of the most productive forms of marketing available.

Your corporate image may be poor, you may have skimped on advert size, the message could have been misjudged, or worst of all, you may have spent money in a publication that appeared successful and busy, when in actual fact their circulation is at critically low levels, failing to give the exposure you’d hoped for (this can often be the case with paid-for magazines – many have suffered massive drops in copies sold to the public over the past decade – one of the reasons we setup Advertising Inspector, to reveal the true situation).

It’s difficult of course, magazine publishers can’t guarantee that business is generated from appearing in their magazines. Equally, you know that they’ll dress up the story about their publication to get you booking advertising with them. Check out our comparison tables – we’ve completed our comparisons for Cornwall, Devon and Dorset and are now compiling data for county A4 glossies in Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. If we haven’t audited magazines in your area, please bear with us. We’d be very interested to hear from you if you have worrying stories about a publication’s claims – if you email them to us, we’ll keep them on file until we reach your area, so we can investigate further.

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