Why shouldn’t I advertise at the top of Google search results?

If you spend hard cash on Keyword based advertising, you need to be aware that many people automatically skip past the sponsored results – the ones with the green Ad logo?

The consensus from the¬†Advertising Inspector team is that we all pretty much skip straight past, going directly to the proper results – but why?¬† Well, you already know that the advertising based results are not there by merit, but because businesses want to sell you something. So the easy thing to do is to avoid the sponsored results and this eventually becomes a habit that it’s hard for the public to shake, so you have to wonder how beneficial this sort of advertising ultimately is?

Google got where it is today by delivering purity of search results, the public want to tap into this, so you can see that the Advertising based results are eminently undesirable to the public on this basis. It’s worth considering how effective this form of marketing is for your business. You also have to wonder at the keywords you’ve chosen to appear under, picking a broad based term could cost you a lot of money and not produce many click throughs.

It’s important to be aware of Long Tail Keywords, if you aren’t already, you can find more out about these here.

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