Is it safe to Chop & Change my advertising?


When we talk to clients, it’s always becomes evident that the rapid chopping and changing of advertising is wasteful and to be avoided.

We’ve found it’s usually an indicator of a lack of groundwork in the initial stages of researching the advertising that’s been booked, and indeed the marketing campaign in general.  We presume what happens is that advertising is booked in haste, then the business gets cold feet, perhaps because someone in the team has queried a decision made by someone else.  Attempts are then rapidly made to cancel advertising which may well be unsuccessful.  Not a great scenario all round because of the time wasted, which could have been used much more constructively at outset through thorough research.  Also, consider the wasted advert cost, although it can be said that no marketing spend is wasted, but you may just not get the exposure that you could have obtained.

It’s vital to have a plan of action from outset and to do the research thoroughly. Our Comparison Tables (which will expand over the course of 2016) should allow you to save a considerable amount of time and effort – they’re exhaustive in their analysis.

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