Will PR snuff itself out?


Never has there been so much PR, in fact it’s in danger of becoming ineffective.

The volume of PR that’s broadcast directly to publishing houses these days has risen exponentially, meaning that your carefully prepared press release will have to compete with countless others hitting the news desks at the same time.

PR is based on the premise that magazine and newspaper companies have an inexhaustible demand for copy to fill their pages, but in reality what publishers are looking for is genuine news items or even better, genuine, unique and interesting content. The chance of getting your PR included in newspapers is higher because of their weekly output. Magazines are a different kettle of fish, space within glossy magazines is a much more expensive commodity, they’re generally much more choosy about what gets included and you may find that your PR agent has trouble placing releases in anything other than weekly newspapers.

If you’ve engaged a PR company with the aim of achieving exposure at a price lower than the cost of advertising, be aware that the chances of widespread PR exposure may be much lower than you think. Bear in mind also that there’s been a dramatic decline in paid-for publications (see here), meaning that the chances of success are even lower these days.

You may be better off taking advertising space and ensuring you get some advertorial/contextual placement as part of the deal. This is the way many businesses go as they’re working with fixed costs and ensuring guaranteed exposure across a given time period.  Advertising Inspector are highly experienced at negotiating this type of deal and can undertake this task for you on single price fixed fee basis.  Contact us to find out more about this service.

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