Is your business failing your marketing?


Sounds odd – but is your marketing not working because there’s a more serious issue with your business that you haven’t addressed.

Sometimes there may be factors that you just haven’t considered, and it can often be the case because you’re working right on top of everything, that you can’t see the wood for the trees. It may really pay to get an external audit of your company.

You may have a new competitor that’s moved into your patch, perhaps they’re marketing heavily and are picking up all the leads. Possibly there’s just too much competition in general – which is always bad news because it makes it harder to generate decent margins.

It could be that the service or product you offer has been superseded, or that you’re unaware of a member of staff who is upsetting potential customers by being unfriendly and unhelpful. It could be that leads are being missed by something as simple as a member of staff not passing them onto you.

Don’t forget that there are also issues related directly to your marketing – your corporate image may make your company look out-of-date and not properly reflect the professional level of service you provide. Equally, perhaps your advert design just doesn’t work, possibly being too fussy, cluttered, or even that the size of the advert you book is just too small to get noticed. Perhaps customers are going to your website from the paper advert, and are finding an out dated website which would benefit from a total redesign and refresh. Never take anything for granted when it comes to marketing, marketing isn’t just advertising, it’s something that runs deeply through your whole business, from customers service, pricing, advertising, after sales service – it’s a whole range of stuff that you need to kick into touch if you want your business to succeed.

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